In the journey towards recovery after surgery or coping with an injury, mobility often becomes a significant concern. Tasks that were once routine can suddenly become challenging, making it crucial to find efficient solutions to maintain independence and regain mobility. In such scenarios, renting electric scooters, power, or manual wheelchairs can play a pivotal role in facilitating movement and enhancing quality of life.

  1. Restoring Independence: After surgery or injury, individuals may find themselves temporarily reliant on others for even the simplest of tasks, such as getting from one place to another. Renting electric scooters or wheelchairs empowers individuals to reclaim their independence. With these mobility aids, individuals can navigate their surroundings with ease, whether it’s running errands, attending appointments, or simply enjoying a stroll outdoors.
  2. Facilitating Rehabilitation: Mobility aids like electric scooters and wheelchairs can aid in the rehabilitation process by providing a safe and stable means of movement. For those undergoing physical therapy, these devices offer support and assistance, allowing individuals to gradually build strength and endurance without risking further injury. By incorporating mobility aids into their rehabilitation regimen, individuals can expedite their recovery and work towards regaining full mobility.
  3. Preventing Complications: Limited mobility after surgery or injury can increase the risk of complications such as muscle atrophy, joint stiffness, and pressure sores. Renting electric scooters, power, or manual wheelchairs can help mitigate these risks by enabling individuals to remain active and mobile during the recovery period. By reducing prolonged periods of immobility, these aids promote circulation, muscle engagement, and overall well-being, thereby minimizing the likelihood of secondary health issues.
  4. Enhancing Accessibility: One of the key challenges faced by individuals recovering from surgery or injury is navigating environments that may not be readily accessible. Electric scooters and wheelchairs provide a practical solution by offering mobility in various settings, including uneven terrain, crowded spaces, and steep inclines. By making previously inaccessible locations reachable, these aids ensure that individuals can continue to participate in social activities, attend events, and access essential services without barriers.
  5. Temporary Solution, Long-Term Benefits: Renting electric scooters, power, or manual wheelchairs offers a flexible solution tailored to the individual’s specific needs during the recovery process. Unlike purchasing expensive mobility equipment, renting provides a cost-effective option that can be adjusted as recovery progresses. Once mobility improves, individuals can easily return the rented equipment without the commitment of long-term ownership, making it a practical choice for temporary assistance.

Conclusion: In the aftermath of surgery or injury, maintaining mobility is paramount for both physical and emotional well-being. Renting electric scooters, power, or manual wheelchairs offers a versatile solution that promotes independence, facilitates rehabilitation, prevents complications, enhances accessibility, and provides temporary assistance tailored to individual needs. By embracing these mobility aids, individuals can navigate their recovery journey with confidence, reclaiming their freedom of movement and embracing life to the fullest.

Pomona Medical Supply has a full line of wheelchairs, electric scooters, and power wheelchairs in stock and available to try out or rent before you purchase or rent. We carry manual wheelchairs in different sizes from narrow adult up to xxwide with a 26″ seat. We carry lightweight and standard models as well as transport chairs which are ideal for taking the patient to the doctor or shopping. The transport chair is very portable, folds in half lengthwise as well as vertically and weighs only 20lbs. All wheelchairs come with standard footrests or can be upgraded to elevating footrests if your leg needs to be extended or cannot bend. Our wheelchairs also come with full length or desk length arms(to get closer to a table)and come with anti-tippers and a seat belt for safety. Our wheelchairs start at $150.00. We also have a full line of electric scooters and powerchairs in stock which have a range on a battery charge up to 15 miles and will give you all the mobility you need at the push of a button. Our electric scooters and powerchairs are also portable and will easily fit into the trunk or backseat of your car. Our electric scooters start at $995.00 and our powerchairs start at $1595.00

We have competitive pricing on all our products and are here to serve you and answer any questions you may have. Please call or visit us and experience our mobility products in person.

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