Mobility scooters are wonderful for maintaining independence. People who have difficulty walking long distances will often rely on mobility scooters to go about their day to day business. But put enough miles on your scooter and the batteries will wear out. It can be stressful and disappointing when your scooter stops working when you need it.

The good news is Pomona Surgical will keep your mobility scooter running to keep you on the move. We carry all the most common batteries sizes for mobility scooters. Small and travel scooters will often use 12v 12ah batteries. Larger travel scooters will often use 12v 18ah batteries. Mid size scooters and power chairs will often take 12v 35ah or U1 batteries. Larger scooters or heavy duty scooters and power chairs will take 22NF or Group 24 batteries. Scooters and power chairs work on a 24 volt system so you will need a pair of batteries regardless of size. Pomona Surgical will test your batteries and your charger to see if replacement batteries are necessary and do the repairs quickly and correctly.

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