Pomona Medical Supply is having a blow out sale on all of our lift chairs up to 50% off thru the end of April. Please check out our VivaLift collection thru Pride. These exciting chairs have many features that make your chair more versatile while being comfortable and stylish. Introducing the Urbana 2 lift chair.

Innovative technology meets contemporary style for a recliner that supports you and your busy life. The Urbana 2 by VivaLift Power Recliners is the perfect addition to your townhouse or condo. The Urbana 2 has been upgraded with enhanced true infinite positioning and an ergonomically designed, memory toggle remote that features two programmable memory position buttons, as well as up/down/recline functions and customized comfort.

The features include:

  1. The power headrest lifts your head, neck, and shoulders for maximum support.
  2. The upward lift offers convenient stand assist for getting in and out of the recliner.
  3. The power lumbar enables you to personalize your comfort.
  4. The footrest extension allows you to relax and stretch out completely.
  5. The backrest moves up and down independently to help you find the perfect position.
  6. New! Enhanced true-infinite position recline enables the backrest and footrest to move independently so that a variety of positions can be reached including raising your feet above your heart.

Standard Features

7. NEW! Ergonomically designed toggle remote has two programmable memory position buttons. Performs the up/down, recline functions. Additionally, it has a convenient USB charger port that allows you to change your smart device.

8. Lithium batter backup ensures your recliner is operational when the power goes out.’

Please visit our website or visit our showroom to see our amazing line of lift chairs and the variety of models and styles available to try out in person and personally experience all the features these chairs have to offer. They are also available in different fabrics(as well as leather and vinyl) and colors.

Pomona Medical Supply has been serving the Southern California area for over 75 years and we offer competitive pricing as well as a large selection of medical supplies and medical equipment for the home. Please visit our website at: or call us at 909-623-4378.

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