The Pride Viva Metro 2 is the next generation model of the popular Metro lift recliner. The Metro lift chair is part of the Pride Viva collection, known for its comfort, ease of operation, style, and full adjustablility. Well, whats new about the Metro 2 lift recliner? How about a new hand pendant with two memory buttons so you can find your favorite position with the push of a button. A new toggle button to make the lift up and recline simple and easy. They even changed the way the chair reclines, having the back and the legs move simultaneously so there is next to no transitional period when reclining. Other than that, its still one of the most popular style of lift chair. It still comes in its classic colors that will fit any room in the house. It still lifts the user to a safe, standing position to help the user maintain their independence. Carries a 3 year warranty on the electronics and a lifetime warranty on the frame. Free delivery and set up all always from Pomona Surgical. Stop by and try out the Pride Viva Metro 2.

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