In the realm of mobility assistance, wheelchairs stand as steadfast allies, offering independence and empowerment to millions worldwide. Whether propelled manually or driven by power, these remarkable devices unlock newfound freedom for individuals with mobility challenges. Let’s delve into the distinctive advantages each type offers, illuminating their roles in enhancing quality of life.

Manual Wheelchairs:

1. Versatility: Manual wheelchairs excel in versatility, seamlessly adapting to diverse environments. From navigating narrow corridors to traversing outdoor terrains, their lightweight design and maneuverability make them indispensable companions for daily activities.

2. Physical Exercise: Operating a manual wheelchair engages upper body muscles, providing an effective workout regimen. This physical activity not only promotes cardiovascular health but also strengthens muscles, fostering overall well-being.

3. Independence and Control: With manual wheelchairs, users exercise direct control over their movements, fostering a profound sense of independence. This hands-on approach empowers individuals to navigate their surroundings with confidence, amplifying their autonomy.

4. Cost-Effectiveness: Manual wheelchairs often boast a lower upfront cost and minimal maintenance requirements, making them a practical choice for budget-conscious users. Their simplicity and durability ensure long-term reliability without incurring significant expenses.

Power Wheelchairs:

1. Enhanced Mobility: Power wheelchairs redefine mobility, offering effortless traversal across varied terrains and inclines. Equipped with robust motors and intuitive controls, they enable users to effortlessly navigate obstacles, facilitating seamless integration into everyday life.

2. Reduced Physical Strain: For individuals with limited upper body strength or mobility impairments, power wheelchairs alleviate physical strain by eliminating the need for manual propulsion. This reduction in exertion enhances comfort and reduces the risk of fatigue, enabling users to conserve energy for other pursuits.

3. Customization and Accessibility: Power wheelchairs can be tailored to accommodate specific mobility needs, with customizable features such as seat elevation, tilt-in-space, and joystick sensitivity. These adaptations ensure optimal comfort and accessibility, catering to individual preferences and requirements.

4. Long-Distance Travel: Ideal for longer journeys, power wheelchairs offer extended battery life and superior range, enabling users to venture further without the constraints of manual propulsion. Whether exploring outdoor trails or navigating bustling urban landscapes, these devices facilitate seamless travel experiences.


In the dynamic landscape of mobility assistance, manual and power wheelchairs emerge as indispensable allies, each offering a distinct array of benefits. While manual wheelchairs champion versatility, physical exercise, and cost-effectiveness, power wheelchairs excel in enhanced mobility, reduced physical strain, and customization. Ultimately, the choice between manual and power wheelchairs hinges on individual preferences, mobility requirements, and lifestyle considerations. By embracing the freedom wheels offer, individuals with mobility challenges embark on journeys filled with independence, empowerment, and boundless possibilities.

Pomona Medical Supply has a large selection of mobility equipment including manual wheelchairs and power wheelchairs. For manual wheelchairs we carry many sizes from 16″ width seats to 26″ width seats as well as standard and lightweight models. We also carry ultralight wheelchairs which weigh less than 20 lbs. In addition we carry transport wheelchairs which has a folding back for easy transfer into your trunk or backseat of your car, and reclining wheelchairs which has a headrest including and can fully recline to a flat to a complete horizontal position. The manual wheelchairs have accessories such as detachable or swing up arms as well as standard footrests as well as elevating footrests for after leg surgery or an injury where you can’t bend your leg.

We also feature many power wheelchairs with 24V batteries and have a travel distance of up to 10 miles on each charge. In addition to standard power wheelchairs we carry the new Jazzy Carbon power wheelchairs with lithium batteries. This chair features a joystick with a built in USB charger, airline compliant lithium battery, front suspension for a smooth ride, ultra lightweight carbon fiber frame specifically designed for traveling, Compact base which easily folds and unfolds for easy transport, Padded seat back with storage pocket and soft removable seat cushion for all-day comfort, free-wheel levers which easily disengage the brake, allowing the chair to be pushed like a manual chair, and under seat storage and adjustable lap belt.

The Specifications of the chair are: width 24″, turning radius 22″, speed up to 3.4 mph., length 37″, weight 43.6 lbs., range up to 9.3 miles and weight capacity up to 300 lbs.

Please call or visit our website to see and experience all of our mobility products including manual and power wheelchairs, rollators, walkers, knee scooters, and electric scooters. We have been serving the Pomona Valley area for over 75 years and can help you with your mobility needs. Please call us at 909-623-4378 or visit our website

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