Pomona Medical Supply has a full line of electric hospital beds for quick delivery and set up to your home. We offer rentals as well as sales depending on your preference or length of need. The electric hospital beds we offer are similar to what is used in the hospital. We have semi-electric hospital beds which you can adjust the head of the bed as well as the foot with a push of a button and adjust the height of the bed manually. We also carry the full electric hospital beds where all 3 functions operate with the push of a button. In addition our beds come with side rails(full length or half length) and memory foam mattresses(for ultimate comfort and prevention of bedsores). You can also get trapeze bars to help you get in or out of bed and positioning as well as overbed tables for a place to put your meals, medicine, or reading materials. We also carry bed cradles to keep blankets off your feet after foot surgery as well as pelvic or cervical traction devices that attach to the bed if you require traction.

Pomona Medical Supply also carries a full line of mobility equipment such as electric scooters, power wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, knee scooters, walkers, and rollators for rent or for sale. We also carry other products such as bath benches, transfer benches, commodes, raised toilet seats, compression stockings and ice therapy machines for all stages of your recovery or age related issues. Please visit our website www.pomonasurgicalsupply. com or call us at 909-623-4378 if you have any questions or would like to place an order. We are celebrating over 75 years of service to the Southern California area and offer competitive pricing as well as a full stock of the latest medical supplies and equipment on the market.


Recovery after surgery or injury is a crucial phase that demands comfort, support, and ease of movement. In recent years, the use of electric hospital beds for home recuperation has gained momentum due to their numerous benefits. These technologically advanced beds offer patients a comfortable and efficient means to recover in the familiar environment of their own homes. Let’s delve into the advantages that electric hospital beds bring to the table for post-operative or post-injury care at home.

  1. Enhanced Comfort: Electric hospital beds are designed with patient comfort as a top priority. They come equipped with adjustable features that allow users to customize their sleeping positions according to their comfort preferences. Whether it’s elevating the head, raising the foot section, or adjusting the overall height of the bed, these functionalities ensure optimal comfort for patients during the recovery period. This enhanced comfort promotes better sleep quality, which is essential for the healing process.
  2. Improved Mobility and Independence: One significant advantage of electric hospital beds is their ability to facilitate mobility and independence for patients during recovery. These beds feature user-friendly controls that enable patients to adjust the bed position with minimal effort, eliminating the need for assistance from caregivers for simple tasks like changing positions or getting in and out of bed. This independence not only boosts patients’ confidence but also fosters a sense of empowerment during the recovery journey.
  3. Prevention of Bedsores and Pressure Ulcers: Prolonged bed rest can increase the risk of developing bedsores or pressure ulcers, particularly among individuals with limited mobility. Electric hospital beds address this concern by offering dynamic pressure redistribution systems. These beds feature alternating pressure or low air loss mattresses that help alleviate pressure on vulnerable areas of the body, thereby reducing the likelihood of skin breakdown and promoting tissue integrity. This preventive measure is crucial for maintaining skin health and overall well-being during the recovery process.
  4. Ease of Caregiving: For caregivers assisting with the recovery process, electric hospital beds simplify caregiving tasks and reduce physical strain. The adjustable features of these beds make it easier for caregivers to provide patient care, such as assisting with personal hygiene, changing bed linens, or administering medications. Moreover, some electric hospital beds are equipped with integrated scales, trendelenburg positions, and other advanced functionalities that further streamline caregiving tasks and enhance overall efficiency.
  5. Safety and Fall Prevention: Safety is paramount during the recovery phase, especially for individuals who may experience balance or mobility issues. Electric hospital beds are designed with built-in safety features to minimize the risk of falls and injuries. These features may include side rails, bed exit alarms, and locking mechanisms to secure the bed in position. By creating a safe and secure sleeping environment, electric hospital beds offer peace of mind to both patients and caregivers, allowing them to focus on the recovery process without worrying about potential accidents.
  6. Versatility and Adaptability: Electric hospital beds are highly versatile and adaptable to accommodate various medical needs and preferences. Whether it’s a bariatric patient requiring a wider bed frame or a patient with respiratory issues needing a trendelenburg position for better breathing, these beds can be customized to meet individual requirements. Additionally, many electric hospital beds are compatible with accessories such as overbed tables, IV poles, and patient lift systems, further enhancing their functionality and versatility.

Conclusion: In conclusion, electric hospital beds play a pivotal role in facilitating home recovery after surgery or injury by providing patients with comfort, mobility, and safety. These advanced beds offer a range of benefits, including enhanced comfort, improved mobility and independence, prevention of bedsores, ease of caregiving, safety features, and versatility. By investing in electric hospital beds for home recuperation, patients can experience a smoother and more comfortable recovery journey, ultimately leading to better outcomes and a quicker return to health.

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