Full Electric Hospital Bed T4000 Heavy Duty 42″

The Tuffcare T4000 bariatric full electric hospital bed.  A 42 inch wide sleeping surface for larger users which accommodates up to 600 lbs.  This bed is fully electric and adjusts the head, feet, and heights of the bed with the push of a button.  Comes with half rails and 42″ mattress.  Delivery and set up included with purchase.

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Full Electric Hospital Bed T4000 Heavy Duty 42″

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What is a full electric hospital bed?

-A full electric hospital bed is a medical adjustable bed with adjustments for the head angle, foot height, and height of the entire bed with the use of a remote control.

What makes a full electric hospital bed better for the user?

-The ability to raise or lower the entire bed will make caring for the person in bed easier.  Lifting up the bed to change, bathe, or address wounds with the bed higher up will make things easier for the caregiver.  Raising or lowering the bed will make it easier for the user to get in and out of the bed.

How long is the hospital bed?

-The sleeping service on the full electric bed is 80″ x 42″.

Can the hospital bed be placed up stairs?

-Yes.  Our hospital beds are assembled on site and can be set up in any room of the house, even on the second floor.

Does the hospital bed come with side rails or mattress?

-Yes.  Our hospital bed will be delivered with your choice of full rails or half rails.  Full rails if the user is at risk of falling out of bed, half rails if the user will be needing assistance getting in and out of bed.  The hospital bed does come standard with a mattress.

What is the weight Capacity of the T4000 Hospital Bed?

-The T4000 can accommodate users up to 600 lbs


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